Sibling Teambuilding

As parents, you can help stop the sibling rivalry and bring your children together through team-building exercises. Be aware of your child’s strengths and try to play them in every child. Through activities that build strong teamwork, children will play to their strengths instead of bickering incessantly. Operations include things like art activities, games and even tree activities. You can create family-friendly ways to encourage the bond between your children.

Family Game Night

One cause of sibling rivalry is competition for parental attention. Establish a Family Game Night that can build teamwork between siblings, and also provide each sibling attention from both parents. One suggestion is to make the game the children versus the parents, so the children have a healthy way to work together. Let your children choose to alternate games, or select together if they can agree on what they want to play. This is a great way for families to bond, and to overcome sibling rivalry issues.

Arts and Crafts at Home

The art project is an opportunity for siblings to work together in a creative way. PBS recommends crafts as a team building activity to curb sibling rivalry. When the siblings come together to use their creative juices, they stop to turn their attention to aggravating each other. Tackle simple arts and crafts projects that create bird feeders to bring siblings together. It’s also a good idea to keep the craft kits on hand to pull out when tensions start to run high.

Family Photos and Family Tree

One way to bring siblings together is to break out the family photo album. Deborah Thomason, Ed.D. and Brenda Thames, Ed.D., recommend parents bring family photos to remember with children about past family vacations and holidays. You can also use these images to create a family tree together. This bonding activity helps children walk past their differences and at the same time realize how important they are to each other. Family photos and family tree help children feel a greater bond with their families overall, especially siblings.