Anxiety is the strong feelings of fear and anxiety. It can be very uncomfortable and can be felt clearly in the body. For example, you feel a tightness in the chest, heart beating fast or hard, get a stomachache or feel dizzy or weak in the body.

Anxiety is a reaction of the nervous system which you cannot control yourself. The feelings can be so strong that you may believe that you are going to faint, losing control or dying. It may feel very frightening but it is not dangerous and usually goes away by itself.

Anxiety may feel different

Anxiety can be experienced differently for different people, and feel in different ways, different times. It can be felt in a few minutes or come and go over a longer period. It may come slowly or it can be sudden and intense. Strong anxiety that comes on suddenly is called a panic attack. It is not always known what the cause is for your body’s anxiety. Because it feels so strongly in the body, it can be difficult to understand that it has to do with how you feel mentally.

Most people get anxious at some point in life. Some get it only occasionally. Others may have severe anxiety that often comes back.

Sometimes we associate the word anxiety when something feels awkward or boring. They say that they have anxiety because you are nervous or worried about something, such as work or school. But anxiety is something more than this mundane worries, perhaps more a case of stress.

Anxiety affects sleep and feelings

Anxiety can make it difficult to relax and sleep well. You can wake up in the middle of the night, disturbing your sleeping patterns and getting too little sleep. Anxiety can make you restless, impatient and irritable, or you easier get sad and start crying.

Why do I fear?

You can get anxiety and know what it’s caused by. It may come as you are part of something hard or stressful. It may for example be that you have a lot to do, that you have failed in something important, that you have lost someone or something, or you have been abused.

Anxiety may also come without knowing why, or things that you think should cause anxiety. It can sometimes cause anxiety harder and you become more afraid.

You can also get anxiety about something that feels especially scary, maybe a test or an interview. It can be very difficult, but then you know anyway that it will go over afterward. It can make it a little easier to bear.

Stress and anxiety are related – that often feel stress increases the risk for anxiety. You can also get anxiety by drinking alcohol or using drugs.

It is best if you can continue to live your life as you want, and at the same time to practice to allow the anxiety to be there. Avoiding things that you think may cause anxiety is not good, because it prevents you from doing what you want and the things that are important to you. Moreover, it can make the anxiety worse. Instead, you should seek help. You can get good help to learn how to manage and relieve your anxiety. Call us and learn how to manage your anxiety: 855-398-9837.